August 6th, 2020 by tmgadmin

Chandler Meadows has been a great experience for my wife and I. We found this place online and were planning on moving here from out of state but could not decide which apartment to choose. We called multiple times and switched up our plans so much it would be understandable for any reasonable person to think we were wasting their time. But the staff here was amazing! They never gave the impression we were bothering them. They were just as helpful on call number “fifteen” as they were on call number “one”. With the exception of them removing my basketball court (inside joke) this apartment offers everything we need to feel safe and comfortable. We have easy access to the 101 and the 60 which makes it possible to be in Chandler, Tempe, or Mesa in less then 5 minutes. They are also painting the buildings and putting in a new play/ bbq grill area. This place is like a hidden gem. The best part of this total package is the staff; they are the glue (in my eyes) that holds this all together. Grace is my buddy. Her and I go back and forth joking around and dream building about the “grand revel” of the upcoming basketball court, Lol; Fabiola has been a great help to me in my countless times of need; and Katlyin is always helping my “oops I (need / forgot)” wife out with stuff. 🙂 They remain the same, from the time you move in and while you stay. I hope that helps!